You Are Here For A Reason

You’re comfortable in your life. Or maybe not. You may feel stuck.


Things are going well for you. Or you’ve gotten to the point where something needs to shift for you.


You know something else is out there and you want to find out what it is. Your Soul has been speaking to you in quiet whispers, and it is getting louder, for you to step into your greatness in this life.


You realize that you have much more to give to the world and you probably don’t know where to begin or what might be holding you back. You feel there is something missing from the work or job you have been doing and need to find the bridge to get you to where you are going.


You are not fully expressed.


Something has to change, but what? It is hard to find what you are looking for; in books, in courses, in the world. Things touch on what you love, but nothing seems to match you and what you want to express in the world.

You’re At A Crossroads

You have a choice; you always have a choice. Not doing anything is a choice.


Picture yourself 10 years from now looking back onto your life. Are you where you want to be? Did you answer your Soul’s call? The call has been getting louder and louder, yet you are still in the same place 10 years from now that you are today.


There is someone out there who needs you and won’t ever get what they need until you step into your enormous power and strength that you hold inside you. Let’s face it, the planet as a whole needs you and can’t wait much longer.


Your Soul is calling you into this larger version of yourself because your gifts are required to support the awakening of consciousness and no one else can do what you came here to do.


Imagine What You Would Look Like Fully Expressed

You may have gone through some things in your life that have held you back.


What if you could stop playing it “safe” and feel empowered to allow yourself to begin to play your life out like you have never played it before?


Imagine having more joy, passion, love, and satisfaction living in the fullness of who you really are and fully know why you are here.


We would never expect you to just take our word for it. Partner with us and let’s journey together and see for yourself.


So what do you say…


Are you done feeling stuck?


Are you ready to see what your Soul has in store for you?


Are you ready to be fully expressed and to let the world experience the magic of who you really are?


Then connect with us…

Our Story

Our connection began as an opportunity for Caroline Rena, to hold a Writing Support Group in Noel Neu’s office. When she went to his office, she found a keyboard and guitar sitting there. “Hmm, this is interesting,” she thought.


Caroline’s healing journey and her desire to serve and help others recover from trauma, led her to this space. At the same time, Noel had been wanting to connect with a singing partner.


The second time they met, Caroline asked Noel if they could sing cover songs together. And then something happened.


Caroline was really excited because she had always wanted to sing and her life’s journey took her away from it when she was 13. He agreed and they played for about 20 minutes.


Noel then said it’s more fun to write a song. “Do you want to see how I write one?” and Caroline said, “Sure!”


As she was listening to him play the chords and vocalize the melody using sounds instead of words, she started hearing the actual words to a song. She grabbed a piece of paper and started writing and that was all it took. An hour and a half later, their first song, Long and Lonely Road came from that.


Our intention for Empathic Partners and Indivinity Music/Indivinity Productions, LLC, is to communicate and connect through empathy, love and music to help ourselves and others in healing from trauma.

Caroline Rena

Spiritual Life Leadership Coach |
Divorce/Alienation/Emotional Cutoff Consultant | Singer/Songwriter/Musician


a Spiritual Life Leadership Coach and Energy Healing Practitioner, and has an extensive understanding, both personally and professionally of shifting the experience of trauma to empowerment. I work with others on the belief systems we learn as young children and how habits and behaviors from socialization are affected by these beliefs when we become adults. I have a unique, compassionate approach with everyone I work with in shifting from outmoded beliefs to connecting with our authentic selves in order to serve our planet. I have been working on my own personal development through research and courses for over 28 years which led me through “Complex PTSD” to combine my gifts and skills into a cohesive program that guides and assists others through anxiety, overwhelm and breaking through their unconscious belief systems to find who they really are. I guide others through the healing work from trauma to triumph.

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Noel Neu, MS, LMHC

Conscious Awareness Coach | Licensed Psychotherapist | Singer/Songwriter/Musician


a Conscious Awareness Coach and Licensed Psychotherapist in the state of Florida. He works with adults and adolescents with addiction, codependency and behavioral issues, with a special focus on helping them improve communication skills and enhance their ability to set and achieve attainable goals. He also works with family systems to help improve conscious healing outcomes during marital difficulties and divorce. Noel has taken his career as a psychotherapist and fused it with a music. The help he’s given his patients and the work he’s done on himself, has heavily influenced his take on classic folk-rock as his music as a reflection of the help he’s given. He has also presented a way for listeners to connect through self-reflection, with the goal to move the body, spirit, heart, and soul.

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Indivinity Productions, LLC

Healing Our Way Home Songwriting Workshops |


Self-reflection is often the guiding force of music. Music is literally the sound of the soul that evokes feeling and connection at all levels. The intention of our music is to connect with others through songs to help ourselves and others in healing. When we listen to music it moves the body, spirit, heart, and soul while taking us on a journey through the mind. Music can help in healing the traumas from childhood or life that may have caused mental and emotional challenges. We hope to help you discover harmony, empowerment, love, and peace and find acceptance of what you are looking for, within you. The Healing Medicine Music that we share is reminiscent of the 70s type folk rock/folk soul music. It connects with us to help heal ourselves and others. The notes played using the healing frequencies (i.e. 432 Hz., Solfeggio) dive deeply into the body and connect with our cells for re-membering. The vibration of peaceful, loving songs is what heals with words that speak of peace, joy, love, connection.

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